Suburb Report

Need to find out more about the suburb you’re looking to buy a house in? It might be worth taking a look at a suburb report of the area. This report shows a breakdown of key statistics of the location where you plan to buy a house and can help you make up your mind as to whether it's the right location for you.

What is a Suburb Report?

A suburb report is a comprehensive rundown of key metrics that can be used for the evaluation of properties in a certain area. Here is some of the data that you may find in a suburb report:

  • Suburb Map - this can be used to see the vicinity of the location as well as its proximity from important facilities such as hospitals, public transport, and the CBD.

  • Suburb Population Count - Want to know how fast your new suburb is growing? This can help to track the population growth within a certain area over previous years.

  • Median Rent - knowing how much the median rent price is can help when you are planning for an investment property because it can give you insights into potential rental yield.

  • Other Properties currently for sale or rent - this can help you see other properties for sale or rent in your preferred area, as well as compare prices.

  • Demographic Breakdown - get insights into the age and other demographic characteristics of a suburb.

These are just samples of data you may find on a suburb report. You can ask your real estate agent for the report that you wish to have before making a home buying decision.